Suspension of Operation for China Consolidation and Purchasing

Cili Express is about to suspend operation for our China warehouse and consolidation department.

Thanks to all our customers for your continued support. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the price of international logistics has risen. We have always adhered to the spirit of making the lowest service price available to customers in international logistics. Therefore, we decided to shut down our Chinese consolidation operations.

Dear customers, please note to arrange your purchased goods are to be sent to other transshipment warehouses for processing; we will make adjustments to our operations according to the following schedule:

Normal operation until 16/2/2021
Starting 17/2/2021, all parcels will be returned and no longer lodged in.
**Please ensure all orders are submitted before 3/3/2021.

During this period, our Guangzhou warehouse will continue to process outbound packages and deliveries until the last shipment is issued.

If you require further assistance, please contact our customer service for help through our various customer support channels.




正常运作至 16/2/2021
17/2/2021 退回所有包裹,不再入仓。






No need to worry about not being able to shop from China in the future, we recommend a consolidation service provider. Follow the steps below to register for an account:

  1. Scan the QR code above.
  2. Follow the WeChat Official Account.
  3. Tap on Member > Account management
  4. Tap on 账号绑定, you will be brought into your Member Centre.

** Tap on Warehouse Address to view their warehouse address in Guangzhou, remember to edit your receiving address on your China shopping platform.

You can contact their customer service through your Member Centre by clicking on the Contact CS icon.

无需担心将来无法从中国购物,向您推荐以下集运商。 请按照以下步骤注册帐户:

  1. 扫描以上二维码
  2. 追踪微信公众号
  3. 点击 Member > Account management
  4. 点击 账号绑定, 您将被带到会员中心。

** 点击 Warehouse Address 查看仓库地址,切记在中国购物平台上更改收货地址。

您可以通过点击 Contact CS图标,通过会员中心联系客服。